British Embassy Washington

As part of the team with aecom, our landscape studio focussed on the 650sqm courtyard of the New Chancery buildling (1960), integrating a proposed exhibition ‘pop-up’ with associated cafe/bistro, private dining, kitchen facilities and seminar spaces.

The courtyard was previously a car parking
sitting on a concrete slab supported
by structural columns on the lower
underground parking.

The design faced 3 main challenges:
- the brief for a all year round flexible space
- the structural and technical challenges of
a “garden” on a slab
- the climate, as located in hardiness zone


The courtyard, while responding to all the
challenges, succeeds in softening the
edges with british planting beds and trees
offering emotions and relaxation.
These planting benefits as well to the
biodiversity with flowers and nestings.
The landscape design and its planting
represent a sensitive background for the
courtyard’s activities.