Nexus district - Rotterdam

As part of Europan competition 2019 topio collaborated with architects from UK and Spain to inlarge its competences.

The brief was to propose a development that include the existing site buildings, increase de residential density, integrate the notion of circular economy and local communities to work and live together. 

This industrial site, is located off from the city center, on the west side of rotterdam. After anchoring the project to its context, we organized an urban layout on two levels to double the public realm opportunity. 

Based on grids, the buildings are built as a frame that welcomes appartments on demande; on the other side the landscape sits both above and under a grid respectively the upper terrace landscape and the lower public realm. The upper terrace is a perforated grid through which the sunligh animate the lower level. Private ommunity gardens are directly connected to lev 1/2 buildings, creating a sort of babylone feel.