West Cambridge

Here Topio collaborated with AECOM to deliver this university campus extension.

Streetscape design for this new development follows best practice agreed in consultation with the local authority. Efficient wayfinding and user friendly streetscapes were key in the design. They were part of the scope, to develop design guidance that would ensure these goals were met.


We developped three street types following ahierarchy of scale and speed.
The Primary Street, to be offered or 

adoption by Cambridgeshire county Council, enables good public transport accessibility and separated cycle and footpath connections along a 20mph spine through the development.

The Primary Street is supplemented by two
Secondary Streets, with Tertiary Streets
connecting smaller parcels
. Achieving a low speed environment is a primary  consideration in the streetscape design.

The streetscape design changes
according to the
character enhancing the
sense of journey
and transition from rural
surroundings to more urban areas. The
design also aims to create a multi-layered,
performative landscape fully integrated
with sitewide infrastructural systems of water management, engineering and ecology.

The site was also designed and graded to
create an attenuation area, collecting
via swales, filtering it through
reed beds, then through a pumping station, delivering non-potable water for use in the adjacent residences. The majority of the stormwater is held in an artificial pond, which is a visual amenity within the park. This system not only reduces water use on site, but allows for flood mitigation as well.
This strategy was implemented in the
urban context as well as in open spaces.