West Cambridge Extension


Urban extension
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Cambridge University
Aecom – topio
80 hectares

Urban extension in Cambridge

We supported aecom in delivering a new masterplan for the West Cambridge site, the University’s campus for physical sciences and technology.

 The masterplan creates 350,000 m2 of new academic and commercial space in a bid to attract spin-off industries. This project represents one of the largest urban extension of the last 300 years.

The landscape framework supports an extensive programme of resources for the local community and visitors including play spaces; a collection of art spaces and features; allotments; extensive hiking and cycling trails; seating, picnicking and appreciation of the outdoor environment and views.

The existing ecology and character of the site is protected and enriched with native planting, enhanced wildlife habitat and wetland habitat creation.

Streetscape and residential garden design for North West Cambridge development follows best practice agreed in consultation with the local authority.

We implemented three street types in a hierarchy of scale and speed across the development. The streetscape design changes according to the character enhancing the sense of journey and transition from rural surroundings to more urban areas.

The design also aims to create a multi-layered, performative landscape fully integrated with sitewide infrastructural systems of water management, engineering, and ecology.

« The public spaces are perceived as urban gardens, appropriable, increasing considerably the quality of living. »