Centre Sportif Saumurois


Competition – Combat sport School
Saumur, France
Ville de Saumur
ilimelgo, Betom, CDLP, Topio
1’900 m2
Delivered, 2nd price

Between wetland corridors and vineyards…

Our landscape narrative comes from the setting analysis, the surrounding landscapes and their specificities, facing the Thouet wetlands and meadows, within the vineyards.

The proposed project embeds this landscape context and integrates the identities of the wetlands and of the vineyards.

We vertically and horizontally structured the site with these two specific landscape layers, to create ecological, flexible, and purposeful spaces.

Les tree groups play between shade and light, solids and voids, creating specific zones. They offer comfort, shade and habitat, reducing so the heat wave effects. On the other end, the open spaces covered with a stripped paving and open joins, will mirror the vineyards lines while allowing free access to emergency vehicles.




urban fabric

wetland and meadow corridors

the surroundings

the gardens

relation in & out