Red Sea Tourism



Toursim strategy – Concept Master plan
Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
Red Sea _ Monsha’at office
AECOM – Topio – Pininfarina – BestMile Unite9 – LandArtGenerator – EuroAirship
+/-250ha per island

Remote, vast and Astonishing. Experiencing KSA and the Red Sea as a new world class toursim destination.

The scope was to deliver a comprehensive document to support KSA in developping toursim both on the red sea and inland. Across this part of the territory, we undertook studies and developped project and opportunities on what we considered the most suitable locations.

This huge tourism project in Saoudi Arabia was commissioned by Monsha’at office to developpe strategies and opportunities on its west end side territory.

Working closely with AECOM UK, we developed a full analysis on various terrain (9 focused area selected) regarding their capacity, connexion, energy, environment, heritage… to then highlight general strategies and design 9 typical locations across the land.

Our approach focused on designing with the existing landscape, consider nature as a real treasure (desert ecology, biodiversity mapping…), understanding local heritage and protect site integrity, include waste management control with the objective of zero waste to landfill, habitat creation around lake and wadis combined with food production to minimise food imports.​


« The land is a wonder on its own, the challenge is more on how to facilitate transit in/out to remote places, and on how to be sustainable and preserve nature – which is the main driver. »