Syndalah Resort


Competition – Resort / Toursim
Syndalah island, Saudi Arabia
Monsha’at office
2Portzamparc – Land’Act – Topio
20’000 m2
Delivered – On hold

An exceptional resort destination in the heart of the Red Sea archipelagos

Working closely with 2PTZ, we developped a challenging landscape layout enhancing each district and character.

Topio and Land’Act teamed up to deliver a landscape concept masterplan for a prestigious resort island in the Saudi Arabia archipelagos.

2Portzamparc architects were in charge of the architectural layout.

Based on the natural beauty of the marine life along the reef, we took our inspiration from the coral branches to establish a series of buildings and path networks across the island.

The project includes a village and its marina, few signature restaurants, three bays, 90 villas, a museum and three main pods hosting sport facilities, events, and retail experiences.


« When the beauty is already there, the aim is not to add on it, but to preserve it as much as we can. »