Nexus District


Urban extension
Rotterdam, Netherlands
AG Urban – Studioort- topio
35’000 m2

Transforming an old industrial site in a vibrant work and live district…

Our design for the new Vierhavensblok is based on the circular economy model, layering the programs, the functions, and the performances of the district.

Our Nexus district project increases the energy efficiency, as well as encourages proximity and communication between businesses, people, and nature.

To better understand the challenges and opportunities of Vierhavensblok, we decided to interpret a vision a bit larger, to the full M4H district. We aim to create a unique performative district-nature which increases the city’s value and the recreational and extrasensory possibilities.

After understanding the local resources, we decided to turn the harbours ends into lively, accessible, productive and recreational public spaces.

On the other end, we built a floating garden at +6m while the ground floor become a sheltered social scape.

« The public spaces are designed to be flexible, allowing people and crafts to change them depending on their needs. »